L.B. Welding utility trailers are manufactured to provide years of durable, problem-free service.

Each of our trailers has been hot-dip galvanized inside and out to prevent rusting and no welding is done after dipping. We use quality Dexter axles, Dexter components, and North American steel. All of our trailers are available with either a tailgate, ramp or combo ramp. In addition, all of our trailers come with LED lights, radial tires, jacks, tie rails, and a-frame tongues.

See our most popular models below:

4' x 6' with Tailgate

4' x 8' with Ramp

6' x 10' with Ramp

This trailer is designed for transporting ATVs or motorcycles and includes:

  • single axle,
  • 5/4 pressure-treated decking,
  • 205-75R14 Radial tires,
  • (3 bike tracks Optional) and fits 2-inch ball
  • LED lights
  • jack

6' x 12' Utility with 3 ramps

5' x 15' Utility Style Double ATV Trailer with Ramp

This trailer is designed for 2 ATVs and everyday use. It includes:

  • single axle
  • 5/4 pressure-treated decking
  • 205-75R14 radial tires
  • fits 2-inch ball
  • LED lights
  • jack

Double ATV Trailer

8' ATV Buggy

This trailer is designed for use with ATV or lawnmowers and includes:

  • single axle
  • dump style - no winch
  • dump style - hand winch
  • dump style - electric winch

Tilt Trailer

  • 3500lb tandem

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