L.B. Welding provides customers with a wide range of fabrication and repairs. By working closely with our design team we can fabricate almost any project. Some of the jobs we have completed in the past include the following:

  • Railings for stairs
  • Plant holders
  • Argo racks
  • Stock box
  • Dump box

We also repair a wide range of items including lawn mower deck, steel frames, just about anything steel and that can be welded.

Camper RV Bike Rack

Fire Ring

Nail Polish Rack

Holds 50+ bottles of polish

Argo Rack

Designed to mount on an Argo and carry items such as snowmobiles, etc.

Camper Rack

  • Designed to carry items such as generators etc.
  • Wired for lights
  • Folds up when not in use

Stock Box

Custom Dump Box

Hydraulic Bin Carrier

  • Hydraulic load and unload
  • Hydraulic tilt

Plow for Utility Vehicle

Can be built to suit

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